Special Advisors

The International Mental Health Collaborating Network (Mental Health and Citizenship) has had the objective of strengthening its voice to reach every continent and country in the world. We have therefore decided to create a world wide Speical Advisor Group as a way to involve more active and innovative people in mental health from countries around the world.

This new Special Advisor Group will act as a reference group to support and advise the IMHCN on its activities, programs, policy formulation, service development, training activities, human rights promotion, advocacy, public education, recovery approaches, social inclusion.

They would also provide their own particular experience and expertise in Community Mental Health policy, service development, training programs and research. They will also bring their experience from their own country’s culture and situation.

People with particular expertise and experience will be a valuable contributor to this Special Advisor Group and we will continue to invite new members to enrich it. If you would like to receive more information about how the IMHCN and the Special Advisors can be of assistance to your organisation please contact us at [email protected]

The Special Advisors are: 

Pat Bracken
See more about Pat here

Jorn Eriksen
Promoting the empowerment of service users and workers by transforming services through a process of personalisation, goal setting, choice and shared responsibility.
Provides innovative solutions to healthcare providers, managers and policy makers. See more about Jorn here

David Shiers
Promoting physical health and wellbeing of people diagnosed with psychosis.
Provides innovative solutions to the healthcare needs of this group via introduction of new protocols, monitoring and working alongside GP's, Consultant Physicians, Psychiatrists and nurses.
Working with the concerned service user and their families and social networks. See more about David here

Jayne Whitney
Promoting a whole life recovery culture within acute in-patient services.
Provides innovative solutions to the service user experience by changing the relationships, the environment, by giving choices and meaningful forms of dynamic collective group activity. Provides whole life recovery approaches to individuals including hearing voices groups.See more about Jayne here

Mia Kurtti
See more about Mia here

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