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Request from Poland for a grant of 45k US

From Regina Bisikiewicz, Managing Director, Leonardo Foundation

"I'm writing to you in the name of a non-profit organization Fundacja Wspierania Rozwoju Społecznego Leonardo http://fundacja-leonardo.pl/ (shortly: Leonardo Foundation)  that operates since August 2018 Community Mental Health Center in Wieliczka county in Poland.

The Board is requesting a grant of 45 k USD to finance part of January '22 salaries of 40 people staff.  

Let me explain this request in detail: 

1. This CMHC is located in Wieliczka (close to Cracow) and provides medical and social mental health services for 100k  people in Wieliczka county.

2. The CMHC was founded in August 2018 as the European Union project, financed by EFS.

3. Dr Roberto Mezzina has been involved in the project as an Expert who verifies CMHC model before it's start and after 3 years operation. 

4. John Jenkins has been involved in the project as an Expert involved in the Managing the Change process. 

5. The project was finished on 30.09.2021 and it has been decided by the Ministry of Health that from 1st of February 2022 it will continue  the operation as the Mental Health Center financed by National Health Found.

6. Mariusz Panek and Beata Walter invested their private money and got a loan from a Polish bank to pay the salaries for 40 people staff for the period X - XII 2021 but they do not have any more possibilities to finance operation in January 2022.

7. Now they are looking for a grant of 90k USD. This money is needed before 31st January 2022.

8. They have received on 27th December a declaration from a private person from the USA  that her family will give a grant of 45k USD, if the remaining 45K USD will be found.

Here is website of the CMHC Wieliczka: https://sczp.med.pl/sczp-wieliczka-dla-doroslych

Please find enclosed  descriptions of CMHC Wieliczka together with an organizational chart.

Let me say at the end, that it would be a big loss for the Polish and European mental health system if the Community Mental Health Center in Wieliczka lost their people a month before getting the public financing from the National Health Fund in February 2022.
With positive expectancy,
Regina Bisikiewicz Managing Director"

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