International Mental Health Collaborating Network

The Development of the Recovery/Discovery House & Community Workshop 

with Fabio Musco, Michele Sipala, Thais Thome S. Oliveira & Paul Baker,

Wednesday, July 6th 14.00 BST 

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About This Workshop:

This webinar will consider the ways in which the needs of people with severe and enduring needs can be supported through the creation of recovery/discovery spaces and through their community of peers, family and workers.

The focus of the Trieste Recovery House is to create a space of self-determination, shared responsibility and ownership including family members.

We will discuss the establishment of the recovery house and community in Trieste that has been running for over five years and supported over 60 people and their families.

We will also discuss the role of the Recovery Community that supported the work of the Recovery House by creating a democratic and reflective space based on the principles of ‘nothing about us without us’.

Examples of successful implementation

Trieste Department of Mental Health (Italy) with IMHCN in partnership with local Cooperatives and Family Associations

Who should attend?

Managers, professionals, service users, family members, Community Organisations.

Organisations considering the need to change their rehabilitation and residential care services toward more dynamic and therapeutic approach to improve the lives of people using their whole community.

IMHCN Launches International Mental Health Learning, Development and Training School


The International Mental Health Learning, Development and Training School aims to address the need and help to transform mental health services and practices across the world.

The aims and objectives of the School are to:

    • Assist Mental Health providers in the transformation of their services and practices
    • To help organisations to develop a Whole Person, Whole Life-Whole System Strategy
    • To increase the knowledge of mental health workers in the social determinants of mental health
    • To introduce recovery and discovery tools and instruments

We will be running regular webinars in partnership with OnlineEvents, you can see our programme here.

Find out more about the International School here.


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