International Mental Health Collaborating Network

The IMHCN is an International Non Governmental Organisation founded by Mental Health Organisations and individuals who have developed good practices and services in community mental health based on the whole life whole system approach.

Its membership consists of professionals, managers, service users and experts of experience, family members, policy makers from many countries.

The IMHCN was established in 1994 and is now a not for profit company, registered as a UK charity

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IMHCN Launches International Mental Health Learning, Development and Training School


The International Mental Health Learning, Development and Training School aims to address the need and help to transform mental health services and practices across the world.

The aims and objectives of the School are to:

    • Assist Mental Health providers in the transformation of their services and practices
    • To help organisations to develop a Whole Person, Whole Life-Whole System Strategy
    • To increase the knowledge of mental health workers in the social determinants of mental health
    • To introduce recovery and discovery tools and instruments

We will be running regular webinars in partnership with OnlineEvents, you can see our programme here.

Find out more about the International School here.


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