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“Patients’ friendly mental health services: What do they look like?”

Wrexham University, 14 - 15 May

This conference will focus on topics relating to improving services for those with mental health disorders. Topics have been chosen on recommendation by a patient and carer group and consider how to support our patients through collaborations with community activities and healthcare services.

John Jenkins and Roberto Mezzina from IMHCN are amongst the presenters.

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They have a variety of local and international expert speakers from health services and community groups.

They hope that over the two days delegates will have time to stop and reflect upon the services in which they work and hear about different ways to support our client group with positive care planning.

The IMHCN is an International Non Governmental Organisation founded by Mental Health Organisations and individuals who have developed good practices and services in community mental health based on the whole life whole system approach.

Our membership consists of professionals, managers, service users and experts of experience, family members, policy makers from many countries.

The IMHCN was established in 1994 and is now a not for profit company, registered as a UK charity

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IMHCN  International Mental Health Learning, Development and Training School

 The International Mental Health Learning, Development and Training School aims to address the need and help to transform mental health services and practices across the world.

The aims and objectives of the School are to:

    • Assist Mental Health providers in the transformation of their services and practices
    • To help organisations to develop a Whole Person, Whole Life-Whole System Strategy
    • To increase the knowledge of mental health workers in the social determinants of mental health
    • To introduce recovery and discovery tools and instruments

We will be running regular webinars in partnership with OnlineEvents, you can see our programme here.

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Webinar Programme 2022

Webinars now available as recordings

You can view the webinars we have held to date as recordings for £9.99. Click on title to go to OnlineEvents where you can purchase the recording

Acute and Crisis Services: Alternatives to Hospital  with Benna Waites and Joanne

This webinar discussed the importance of establishing community based acute and crisis services as alternatives to In-patient Units. It focused on the need to provide a more recovery-based approach to people undergoing repeated readmissions to hospital. It is fundamental that an acute and crisis whole system is developed, comprising of essential service components that can create a new opportunity for service users to recover their lives. It  also explored the meaning of a “crisis” particular to peoples real whole life experiences and needs. The experiences in Aneurin Bevan University Health Board where they have delivered a Shared Lives service and a Support House (Ty Cynnal) for people in a crisis are described.



Consequences and Opportunities for Peoples’ Mental Health from the Pandemic: Big issues identified by Covid-19: Requiring Fundamental Change in Mental Health, A Local and Global Action Plan  With Dainius Puras, Roberto Mezzina, John Jenkins and Ingrid Daniels

The Coronavirus Pandemic is a time of difficulty but also an opportunity for human ingenuity, endeavour and learning. This Webinar describes IMHCN’s Action Plan developed with international and national partners. The Action Plan recognises the important key issues that effects people as a result of the pandemic. These lessons we have known about before, but the pandemic has shone a spotlight of the importance on service users, families and communities.


The Challenge and Opportunity for Society, Communities and Psychiatric Hospitals to Improve Community Mental Health Services  with John Jenkins, Clarissa Corradi-Webster, Rossana Maria Seabra Sade, Jan Pfeifer

This webinar addressed the importance of changing the culture inside hospitals and considers how to overcome the barriers to change through different thinking, practices and services.

These include:

  • Improving the fabric, environment, habitat, programs, therapies, rehabilitation programs, community partnerships and integration with other Mental Health services.
  • The training and re-orientation of staff is essential, based on a recovery and discovery approach.
  • The importance of the systemic protection of human rights for service users.
  • Preparing the management and staff to work on developing community supports and services for social re-integration of users into the community.
  • The process of community mental health system development and subsequent downsizing of psychiatric hospitals.
  • The importance of addressing the social determinants of mental health through a whole life whole system approach.


The Development of the Recovery/Discovery House & Community Workshop with Fabio Musco, Michele Sipala, Thais Thome S. Oliveira & Paul Baker

This webinar considers the ways in which the needs of people with severe and enduring needs can be supported through the creation of recovery/discovery spaces and through their community of peers, family and workers. The focus of the Trieste Recovery House is to create a space of self-determination, shared responsibility and ownership including family members. We discuss the establishment of the recovery house and community in Trieste that has been running for over five years and supported over 60 people and their families.We also discuss the role of the Recovery Community that supported the work of the Recovery House by creating a democratic and reflective space based on the principles of ‘nothing about us without us’.


Changing the Thinking, Practice in Mental Health Service Systems Workshop with Paul Baker and John Jenkins

This webinar challenges powerful hierarchies that perpetuate outdated thinking. We describe a successful participatory approach through Action Learning sets that have been used in several places. We describe what Action Learning Sets are and how they can be useful in changing thinking, practice and systems. This successful participatory approach has been used across the world in transforming mental health, gaining widespread ownership through active and meaningful participation including the importance of leadership, co-production, sharing knowledge and innovation.



Integrating Mental Health into Primary Health Services Workshop with Dr Alison Battersby, Sara Mitchell, and Rajiah Abu Sway

The benefits of integrating mental health into primary healthcare are significant. On the one hand, integration ensures that the population as a whole has access to the mental healthcare that they need early in the course of problems and without disruption. On the other hand, when people receive treatment in primary healthcare facilities the likelihood of better health outcomes, and even full recovery, as well as maintained social integration is increased. Our presenters will draw on their own experience of the benefits of developing comprehensive primary mental health support.



Learning from the Trieste Mental Health Experience: Developing Essential Ingredients in Creating Resilient Community Mental Health System

Roberto Mezzina, Pina Ridente, Renzo Bonn, Peppe Dell'Acqua

This webinar describes the Trieste Mental Health Services and Practices. It will focus on the principles and values that underpinned the structure of this progressive mental health system and service developed over the last 40 years.

Essential elements & components of the experience include:

  • human rights, recovery and social inclusion, citizenship, holistic care
  • Developing a methodology for a whole system / network of community services and social capital
  • Developing a 24-hour Community Mental Health Centre and crisis approach


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