The IMHCN consultancy service supports and enables individuals and organisations to implement Whole Person Whole Life Whole System and Recovery Approaches.
The service uses a co-production approach involving all stakeholders in the development of services to meet peoples whole life needs.
IMHCN consultants provide a service to all sectors involved in developing and providing services for peoples mental and whole life needs.

Our consultants have practical experience in the following areas:

Promoting and advocating for Human Rights

Identifying human rights violations and bad practices and impact these have on social exclusion.

Policy formulation

Assistance in assistance and expertise in developing National Mental Health Policies
Assessment of mental health needs for individuals and populations
Providing examples best policies from around the world
Assistance in development of implementation plans for National Policies

Community mental health service developments

Providing systematic reviews of mental health services
Undertaking service redesign including providing programs for the wellbeing and quality of care for users in institutions
Developing leadership programs in the management of change for directors and Chief Executives of Psychiatric Hospitals
Design of a Whole Person, Whole Life Whole Systems approach
Providing evidence based practice in community mental health for a comprehensive service
Services for Young People, Adults and the Older Person
Promoting and developing user run crisis services and sanctuaries
Developing alternative Acute and Crisis services
Examining the roles of the current workforce and developing alternative structures and roles

Training and Education

Providing workshops on Whole Person Whole Life Whole System Recovery Approach (Link to training and Train the Trainer)
Working alongside practitioners, service users and family members to introduce and provide different interventions and approaches examples include Trilogies’, Hearing Voices Techniques, Self Help and Self Management
Assisting in the development of user and carer services
Assisting in developing employment and vocational services e.g. Social cooperatives and firms
Assisting in improving efficiency, more effective use of financial and human resources
Designing and developing approaches to tackle discrimination and myths within communities

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