Library and Resources

The library contains a wealth of information that can help us to understand and reflect on what is important in developing and sustaining a Whole Person, Whole Life, Whole Community, Whole System movement. 

We want to capture the latest and most relevant knowledge base from around the world and share this with each other.

Therefore the library provides members with a valuable resource. This will keep us informed of the best practice and the latest developments in changing the way we think about and act in meeting the needs of people with mental health issues.

Each section includes:

Introduction to issue or topic


Practice and Research

Videos and Presentations

Relevant Organisations


We rely on your support and input to ensure the library is kept up to date and is as comprehensive as possible. You will notice that some of sections are in development and we would especially welcome any contributions you know of (publications, links etc) that could be added to these. However we would also appreciate any materials andd resources that you think would enrich any of the sections of the library

Please send any materials and resources to [email protected]

The topics and issues are organised as follows:


Whole Person Whole Life and Recovery Approach

What is Recovery?

Recovery Personal and Lived Experience

Recovery Tools, Measures and Instruments

Recovery into Practice

Recovery for mental health practitioners





History of Mental Health

Psychiatric Survivors Movement

History of Recovery Movement

Human Rights and Social Justice

Social inclusion and Social Exclusion
Restraint and Seclusion

Life Domains

Arts and Culture

Culture and Diversity

Education and Skills

Employment and Occupation

Faith and Spirituality

Nutrition and diet


Nutrition and Diet

Physical Health

Resilience and Well being, communities and people

Sport and Leisure

Self help and Self Management

Treatments and therapies

Policies and Strategies

Transforming Services and Practices

Acute and crisis mental health services


Community Development

Critical and Post Psychiatry

Democratic Psychiatry/Psichiatria Democratica

Learning from low to middle income countries

New Ways of Working for Professionals

Peer Support, Leadership and Service User Involvement

Psychiatric Medication

Seclusion and restraint

Innovative Service Development and Practice

Community Mental Health Centres

Hearing voices approach

Host Families

Intentional Peer Support

Open Dialogue

Recovery Colleges

Recovery Learning Communities

Soteria Programme


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