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    News and Events

    We are planning an International School on Person Centred Services to be held in Lyngby, Copenhagen in March, 2015.

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    Work and Developments

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    IMHCN Representative

    Jørn-20091-200x300Jørn Eriksen is a psychiatric nurse manager, trainer, consultant, writer, publisher. Jørns entire working career has been centred on psychiatry in areas such as social psychiatry, district psychiatry, psychotherapy, alcoholism and adolescent psychiatry.
    He originally trained as a nurse. Afterwards, he took a diploma in management and a professional diploma in Human Resource Development.
    Currently, he is a director of the social psychiatric services in Lyngby – taarbæk municipality. Which include housing, support at home, acute service, self-help groups, supported work, social firms, and educations programs est. The services in Lyngby – taarbæk municipality is in the Danish context a pioneering bid for recovery-oriented work. (
    Jørn is the initiator of the creation of the Danish Voice Hearers Network, and has been on the board since its inception.He was also in the initiative group who founded the Danish Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation.

    Contact: [email protected]
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    Organisational Member

    Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 15.32.27Slotsvænget

    Slotsvænget provides a range of health services in Lyngby- Taarbæk for people with mental health issues.

    They have:

    • 32 self contained appartements
    • café
    • a voluntary run canteen
    • a gym
    • a sensory room
    • refurbished communal area.

    They offer individual support, housing assistance and sheltered employment. The Flying Team Lyngby- Taarbæk is an outgoing working team established for the mentally vulnerable early retirees who wish to work . They are a resource in the labor market, which companies can have good use for. The work is performed in normal companies .

    Slotsvænget is not only an accommodation facility where residents live their lives. Slotsvænget is an accommodation facility where residents can get their lives back. They work on the principle that people can recover from mental illness and therefore they have developed a range of competencies that support human flourishing.
    Their vision and knowledge that everyone can get better and flourish, is the leitmotiv of all work  at Slotsvænget.

    Contact  Jørn Eriksen at  [email protected] Website Slotsvænget

    Special Advisors and Contributors

    Bodil Oster

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