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Work and Development

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IMHCN Representative

salifuSalifu Manneh

Country: England/Gambia

Background: Salifu was born and brought up in the Gambia. He studied and received his university education in the UK. Salifu is a registered mental health nurse and holds a diploma in nursing, Bsc Nursing and Msc Health Sciences. He is registered with Manchester Metropilitan University initially for a Master of Philopsophy with a view to work towards a Phd in health and social care. Salifu is the clinical audit/clinical effectiveness lead for the Alternative Futures Group (AFG). He is a board member of the IMHCN.
Salifu is also the Director of Mobee a mental health NGO based in Gambia. In association with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare Mobee support workers are now working alongside ministry of health staff to support both inpatient and community mental health services in the West Coast Region. The national country mental health coordinator and his directorate are supportive of Mobee work. Mobee also works in partnership with UK charities to fund study tours. Mobee and AFG have worked in partnership to successfully deliver 3 study tours to the Gambia to enhance staff skills and knowledge in self- leadership and personal development.
He is interested in football and supports Manchester United, an active member of the Gambia social welfare organisation in Leeds and the Sukuta welfare society. Both organisations promote integration in the United Kingdom and good local community cohesion.


International partnerships, community mental health, personal development.

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Organisational Members

Mobee Gambia Mental Health Project

Mobee is a newly established Gambian charity which aims to make a significant contribution to mental health systems and approaches already existing in the Gambia. It aims to train frontline health and social care workers in basic mental health and the use of non-medicine approaches to maintaining peoples’ mental wellbeing. Mobee is a Mandinka word for ‘Peoples’, one of the five most widely spoken Languages in the Gambia.

Special Advisors and Contributors

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