Organisation Membership

All over the world we are facing challenges in responding to the distress and trauma experienced by many people within their communities. Many mental health agencies recognise this and are responding to these challenges. However, in many countries there is a need to find new ways of  improving peoples mental health and well being by addressing their whole life needs of people.
The IMHCN has been at the forefront of focussing on the whole person, their whole life needs through a whole-system approach. The more organisations and services that join us the more effective we can be in our mission in discovering new ways to:
  • facilitate whole life recovery and emancipation
  • develop practices based on equal trusting relationships, choice and shared responsibility
  • create an integrated and  community whole system that has wide participation and ownership in meeting the whole life needs of people
By joining the IMHCN you will become part of a dynamic network of organisations and services committed to making real and effective changes.  You will play a crucial role in supporting our vision, values, aims and objectives.
Together we will:
  • share successful practice
  • learn from each others knowledge and experiences
  • create new ways of meeting peoples needs
  • campaign for the rights of people
 You can join IMHCN as a full member and help us to:
  • advocate for and work toward the closure of psychiatric institutions through the process of deinstitutionalisation and the development of comprehensive community mental health services founded on a Whole Life, Whole System approach
  • develop Whole Life - Whole System Community Strategies and their implementation through a process of establishing partnerships with local communities that harness their strengths, resilience and resources
  • promote and provide opportunities for people with mental health issues and their families to establish their own recovery plans through shared responsibility, autonomy and a full recognition of their assets

Membership Requirements
By joining the IMHCN Members will:
  • Agree to the Charter of Purpose and Action and to work towards their application within your organisation
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of Whole Life – Whole Systems practice within your services and with other members
  • Share your own experiences of effective mental health practice and services and how you have achieved these with other members
  • Use your own areas of expertise to contribute to our international activities and work.
  • Promote the work of IMHCN
  • Seek new partners and members in your region and/or country

 Membership Benefits
One year’s basic membership entitles the staff and services of organisation to the following opportunities:
  • Discounts on the costs of attending IMHCN Training Programmes, Symposiums and Conferences
  • Receive Quarterly Online Newsletter and other communications about our activities and events
  • Online Discussions and Seminars including access to our moderated LinkedIn Forum, Facebook Group and other platforms including our YouTube Channel
  • Access to member only sections of our website including our online Library and Resources section
  • Opportunities to celebrate your work on our website, via our newsletter and at our conferences, symposiums and workshops
  • Opportunities to work on projects, programmes and research with other IMHCN partner organisations and practitioners
  • Opportunities to join study visits and exchange programmes across the world
  • Twinning Collaborations with IMHCN Partner Organisation Members
  • Jointly publishing the findings of our work together
  • Developing joint projects proposals through national and international funding sources
  • The right to use the IMHCN logo on your materials

Becoming a Member
Your membership contribution helps to cover the cost of our programmes, allows us to develop our work across the world and to campaign for change.
Whilst we need to meet our costs we have not set a standard fee. This is because we welcome the participation of organisations from all over the world. Organisations work in many different circumstances and we do not want to exclude anyone because of the costs of membership
To discuss membership fee options and how to make your payment contact the Treasurer, John Stacey at [email protected]
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