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Serbia Final Action Learning Set

Report on the Final Action Learning Set held over three days in Belgrade Themed: "Service User, Family Member and professional “Trialogue” This was the final Action Learning Set of the Project titled "Recovery within community – Supporting recovery of persons with mental disorders and their full inclusion in the community". A collaboration between The International Aid Network (IAN) and The International Mental Health Collaborating Network.
An overview of the Action Learning Set:
Through human relationships the “Trialogue” will seek to:
· understand the importance of our life stories and social networks
· discover ourselves as a whole person, our strengths, susceptibilities and needs
· appreciate the significance of our intimate relationships, family and other important people in our lives
· connect, re-conciliate and move forward
· build resilience to overcome life’s difficulties
We explored in the 3 learning set days the following,

What are the benefits of Service User and Family involvement in an individual’s recovery and development?

Getting to know the person and what contributes to the person’s current situation. The individuals and their families understanding of what has happened, what has been significant and what is happening now.

Getting to know the aspirations and dreams of the individual and those family members have for the person and themselves.

How has everyone been effected by what has happened?

Working alongside the person and what is required for the families to be involved in supporting the person’s recovery and development.

During the three days we reflected on what had been achieved since the start of the program, discussed how to take the learning forward and the development of a Whole Person, Whole Life, Whole System and Recovery Approach Network in Serbia.

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