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  International Mental Health Collaborating Network Public group · 891 members Join Group This is the discussion and information group of the International Mental Health Collaborative Network. Here we will discuss and share information abo...  

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Community Mental Health Development in Poland 2018

  Polish Mental Health Services are in the process of transforming from institutional care to community based provision. This reform will include the development of a number of community mental health centres for adults and young people across the country. This reform is helped by significant funding from the European Community. …

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Mental health, human rights and standards of care: Assessment of the quality of institutional care for adults with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities in the WHO European Region

The WHO project on adults with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities living in institutions in the WHO European Region targets a highly marginalized, vulnerable group whose quality of life, human rights and reinclusion in society are seriously compromised by outdated, often inhumane institutional practices.  The specific objectives of the project were …

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The Importance of Small Things

Small Things, Micro-Affirmations and Helpful Professionals Everyday:  Recovery-Orientated Practices According to Persons with Mental Health Problems Community Mental Health Journal Alain Topor· Tore Dag Bøe · Inger Beate Larsen 3 February 2018 This article is an open access publication The aim of this study, co-authored by IMHCN Collaborator Alain Topor, is …

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Report: The right [and the opportunity] to have a [whole] life

Report: The right [and the opportunity] to have a [whole] life Trieste, Italy November 2017 This was an open interactive meeting with an exchange of new thinking, creative ideas and innovative practices. It included study visits to services and programmes, short courses and masterclasses on innovative practices, working groups and expert meetings. Topics: …

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Democracy and Community Mental Health Care

Organized by Mental Health Department ASUI Trieste and Associations and Social Cooperatives of the territory in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Health and World Health Organization Policies, among legislations, Laws and personal rights Services, from health / care to Community Mental Health promotion Powers, from excluding to including Inequalities, among social …

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