IMHCN members contribute to new book 'Beyond The Walls'

New book published 'Beyond The Walls / Oltre I Muri' by L. Toresini & R. Mezzina takes a look at Deinstitutionalisation in European best practices in Mental Health.

Throughout the world, in the last thirty years, governments have been increasingly involved in the development of policies and strategies focused on the introduction of community-based mental health systems, which have been substituting old institutional approaches.

Nevertheless, efficient services which are able to deliver comprehensive and high-quality responses have been developed only in a relatively small number of places, and this is especially the case in large cities. On the other hand, there are very clear directives paving the way for the introduction of these elements, which are provided, on the one hand, by the European institutions, and, on the other, by the WHO.

In the book “Oltre i muri / Beyond the Walls”, eighteen speakers from different parts of Europe describe and analyse the exemplary experiences they have developed over the last few years or decades.

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