Franco and Franca Basaglia International School, Trieste, Italy, 9th – 12th December 2014

Franco and Franca Basaglia International School Franco:
Basaglia’s vision: mental health and complexity of real life
Trieste, Italy, 9th to 12th December 2014

The annual Trieste International School was organised and hosted by Roberto Mezzina, Director of Mental Health, Director of WHOCC and the chairman of IMHCN.

IMHCN supported the organisation of this event and it was attended by IMHCN contributors including Abdul Abu Bakar, Paul Baker, Hywel Davies, Jorn Eriksen, John Jenkins, Jan Pfeiffer, John Stacey and Rob Warriner.

At the conference there were participants and presenters from twenty five countries.

The programme for the event can be seen here.

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