FREEDOM FIRST A study of the experiences with community-based mental health care in Trieste, Italy

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This substantive report on the work of the Mental Health Department of Trieste, Italy was written by Lister, a mental health service organisation from Utrecht, Netherlands, as they say:

"This is a view of the everyday practices in Trieste, with the good aspects of the system and also the imperfections. But it also has depth and examines the system from the anthropological angle. In this way, we hope to provide answers to all the intractable questions we received over the years about our dream that it can be different, in the Netherlands. Comments include: there are many more home- less, many clients are imprisoned or in the forensic circuit, they are given a lot more medication, etc. etc. Our description of the practices in Trieste proves otherwise. Here, too, it is possible to organise the entire outpatient and community-based mental health care with a minimum of beds. Freedom First! This is the guiding mo o of the health care providers in Trieste. First and foremost, they are committed to the freedom of their clients. This is done, in the most literal sense, by the absence of psychiatric hospitals and closed wards or closed doors and, in more figurative sense, by strengthening their civil rights and supporting personal wishes and choices."

You can read the full report here

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