Paradigm Shift in Mental Health in the Post-Covid era

Paradigm Shift in Mental Health in the Post-Covid era 

A Zoom Round Table Webinar

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or you can view on YouTube via the European Science Open Forum (ESOF2020) The link will be available on the Science in the City Festival YouTube Channel

10.00 am (CET)

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Supported by:

  • International Mental Health Collaborating Network 
  • World Federation for Mental Health 
  • Mental Health Europe 
  • European Community based Mental Health Service Providers (EUCOMS) Network 
  • World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation 
  • Global Alliance of Mental Illness Advocacy Networks (GAMIAN) 
  • and others

Monday, 31st August 2020

h 10,00-13,00 CET (Rome) 

In the year we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the death of Franco Basaglia, we are co-hosting a Round Table Webinar for the ESOF2020 Festival, in Trieste, Italy. 

This event is for everybody concerned with meeting the whole lives needs of people with mental health issues. We believe that learning from the Coronavirus Pandemic and the last 50 years is a time for fundamental change.

We have embarked upon creating a coalition of international partners to address the need for citizen and community mental health to be at the heart of social-economic system thinking and service development.

This approach is based on understanding of the learnt resilience of our people during this pandemic and how the efforts of public bodies, (including health systems, civil society organisations, politicians and citizens) should better meet the whole life needs of people.

This important event is aimed at all people, including service users, family mental health professionals, NGO’s, policy makers and all stakeholders including citizens. The reason for this meeting is to grow support for our Action Plan and to call upon the wider international, national and local communities to promote this call for a paradigm change at this opportune time. 


10 am CET 

Opening remarks

Dévora Kestel, Director of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, WHO, Geneva 

Dan Chisholm, Programme Manager for Mental Health, WHO Europe, Copenhagen

Part 1 - Community recovery: experiences with Covid from several parts of the world and responses of people and communities

Chair: Benedetto Saraceno, Lisbon Institute of Mental Health, Portugal


Vandana Gopikumar, The Banyan, India

Fabrizio Starace, SIEP, Italy

Alberto Trimboli, WFMH, Argentina

Michael Kariuki, WFMH, Kenya

Sinead Fallon, CHO1, Ireland

11.15 am CET

Part 2 – Taking Action to integrate mental health in human  and social development 

The meeting will be facilitated by John Jenkins and Roberto Mezzina (IMHCN / WFMH)

The round table members will give their personal and organisational reflections on the issues, need and solutions. The round table members will consist of service users, mental health activists and leaders of international organisations.

Discussion Focus for speakers and panel: 

  1. What are the priorities needs from your perspective?
  2. How would you transform your local, national or international context?
  3. What can your organisation do to promote the draft Action Plan and what specific action points and highlighted needs you would prioritise?


Dainius Puras, Human Rights Monitoring Institute (HRMI), Lithuania

Ingrid Daniels, WFMH, South Africa

Rene Keet, EuCOMS, Netherlands

Gabriele Rocca, WAPR, Italy

Claudia Marinetti, MHE, Italy

Hugo Cohen, WFMH Argentina

Martijn Kole, Lister, Netherlands

Round Table Panel

Salifu Manneh, IMHCN, Gambia

Alan Rosen, Transforming Mental Health Service Systems, Australia 

Clarissa Webster, Sao Paulo University, Brazil

Jan Pfeiffer, Ministry of Health, Czech Republic

Jan Berndsen, MHE, Netherlands

Sashi Sashidharan, University of Glasgow, Scotland

Jean Luc Roelandt, WHOCC Lille, France

Rob Warriner,  Walsh Trust, New Zealand

Paul Baker, IMHCN, UK

Sinead Fallon, CHO1, Ireland

Gabriel Ibvijaro, WFMH, UK

Henk Parmentier, WFMH, UK

Open Discussion and Debate: All Participants

You will be able to send comments and questions to the panel throughout the meeting via the chat feature and also there will be an opportunity to address the meeting personally. 

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